Our range of lighting is designed to meet your many different needs.
Buying a light is about loving the look of the product, and ensuring it can do the task you need: There are 3 basic types of lighting at your disposal when lighting a room.

Types of lighting:

1. Ambient
2. Task
3. Accent
Some can be used individually, but combinations give the best results. Lighting combinations give flexibility and allow lighting levels to change according to our mood and the function of a room.
Ambient lighting helps to create a mood and feel for a room, this is usually the starting point for lighting any room.
Task lighting is focused in a small area and helps you to perform tasks, improve clarity, keeps you focused on the job at hand and prevents tiredness.
Accent lighting can be used to highlight features within a room such as pictures or objects and is usually restricted to one area.

Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is different from every other room in the house. It can get hot, it can get full of steam, it can get wet. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing the right light fitting. It’s best to start by splitting the room into four separate zones. Each one determines which class of light is permitted and the safety measures needed.
Resistance is measured using an IP rating which is shown on our packaging along with a symbol to confirm the product is suitable. All our bathroom lights are rated IP44 – this means they are suitable for use only in the areas marked zone 3 below. We don’t sell lights suitable for use in zone 2, 1 or 0.
Zone 0 is the area inside the shower or bath area. As you’d expect, normally no lighting is allowed in this area. Any fittings that are used must be low voltage and IPx7.
Zone 1 & 2 are generally the tiled area directly above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25m. Here a minimum of IP65 rated is permitted such as recessed lighting/down lights.
Zone 3 is the area stretching away from Zones 0, 1 & 2. This zone also includes recessed areas of any windows with a sill close to the bath. A minimum of IP44 is permitted, such as down lights, track lights, ceiling lights, wall lights and mirror lights.

Light bulbs

We’re very switched on when it comes to energy efficient lighting. That’s why we’re always trying to find new and innovative solutions to enhance your home.
You’ll find that our lighting comes in energy efficient options. As technology changes, we’ll be changing with it to offer you the latest ways to save energy - using cost effective light bulbs that are better for the environment and your pocket.
Here’s a bit more about the bulbs you can choose from:
CFLs are what most people think of as the ‘standard’ energy efficient bulb. They provide a lovely, warm white light with low heat emission. They’re the nearest thing to a traditional light bulb, but around 80% more energy efficient and last much longer - making them a smarter choice for the environment and your household budget.
Halogen bulbs provide an impressive white light that is almost like real sunshine. They’re also a bright choice because some are low voltage with an average life span of 2000 hours. What’s more, they’re up to 30% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs.
LEDs provide a range of effects, from soft light to extremely bright. Also, on average, they have a life span of an impressive 20,000 hours, and thanks to their low voltage they’re energy efficient too.
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