Starting checklist:
Before you start, check that rolls are undamaged, batch numbers or letters are the same, all colours match roll to roll and edge to edge and that you have sufficient rolls to complete the job.

How many rolls do I need?

Follow these 3 steps…
Measure around the room to get a total width.
Add a percentage for the pattern repeating around the room. You’ll find this on the label of the wallpaper. It will say either ‘Straight Match’ or ‘Offset Match’. If the wallpaper is a ‘Straight Match’ add between 3-5% of your total wall width. And if it says ‘Offset Match’, add between 7-10%.
Measure the height of the wall from skirting to ceiling. Use the two total figures from the three steps in the table below to find how many rolls we suggest you’ll need.

How to hang

Getting started: Measure 50cms (20”) out from a wall corner (preferably adjacent to a window) and use a plumb line or spirit level to draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor. This gives you a straight edge from which to line up your first sheet of paper.
Using a brush or roller, apply a generous and even layer of paste to the wall where the first length of wallcovering will hang. Ensure that the pasted area is slightly wider than the wallcovering.
Apply the wallcovering directly from the roll. Slide the wallcovering into position, aligning the edge with the vertical marked line.
Smooth down with a brush or a damp sponge removing air bubbles from the centre of the edges.
TIP: Do not attempt to remove small blisters - they will disappear when the wallcovering has fully dried out. .
Trim top and bottom using sharp scissors or a straight edge and craft knife.
Repeat the process for each strip ensuring the edges are butt joined and the pattern matched. TIP: If you get paste on the front of the wallcovering, remove with a damp sponge immediately. If overlapping is unavoidable use a vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive. TIP: Can be hung as a conventional wallpaper. Wallcovering peels off wall easily when you wish to redecorate.
While every precaution is taken to ensure this product reaches you in perfect condition, it is your responsibility to check it is free from defect. Habitat Retail Ltd cannot be held liable for costs incurred due to incorrect hanging, or hanging defective wallpaper, if by preliminary inspection the defect would have been found.