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Office accessories

Add organised style to your workplace or home office with our range of office accessories.

Different types available

At Habitat we offer office accessories including magazine files, A4 file trays, pen pots, wastepaper bins and storage boxes in all shapes and sizes. Materials include metal, acrylic, brightly coloured cardboard and high gloss lacquered wood.

Different types

Benefits of office accessories

Office accessories help to get your files in order and keep clutter out of sight. This makes for a productive workspace with neat and tidy shelves and desk tops. Office storage accessories are also great for magazine collections and add a pop of colour in kids’ bedroomsor mixed in between books on a book shelf.

Benefits of office accessories

Complimenting office accessories

Magazine files are stylish and functional and look great on shelving units and lined up on a desk, you can even mix up colours for added interest. A4 file trays are a great way to keep your papers in order on the desk top and storage boxes can be stacked above cupboards and wardrobes as well as being tiered and grouped together on a sideboard or desk.

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