coffee tables

Designed by our in-house team, Habitat's coffee tables – whether singular or nested, available in metal, wood and glass – are supporting characters that refuse to be ignored.

BORDER oak coffee table

border oak coffee table

w110 x h39 x d55cm.

product weight: 22.2kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w106.5 x h9.7 x d59cm.


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CORALIE low oak coffee table

coralie low oak coffee table

d84 x h33.2cm.

product weight: 9kg.


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HANA II oak coffee table with 6 drawers

hana ii oak coffee table with 6 drawers

w73 x h34.5 x l120cm.

product weight: 59kg.


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MAX oak coffee table

max oak coffee table

w80 x h34 x l108.5cm.

product weight: 37kg.


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s13sABU oak coffee table

abu oak coffee table

w113 x h30 x d55cm.

product weight: 32kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w117 x h15 x d60cm.


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s13sORRICO rose gold hammered aluminium coffee table

orrico rose gold hammered aluminium coffee table

d81 x h29cm.

product weight: 7.2kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w84 x h35 x d84cm.


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ELDER linen white coffee table

elder linen white coffee table

w95 x h34.2 x d66cm.

drawer dimensions: w58 x h31 x d66cm.

product weight: 20.5kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w102.5 x h8.5 x d74cm.

packaged dimensions - box 2: w63.5 x h14.3 x d70cm.


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BERT mushroom storage coffee table


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