gadgets & utensils

The right equipment makes food preparation a pleasure: at Habitat you'll find an extensive selection of gadgets and utensils, from digital scales to silicone spatulas.

s13sEARL wooden pestle and mortar

earl wooden pestle and mortar

w18 x h18 x d7.6cm.


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s13sBIRK stainless steel box grater

birk stainless steel box grater

w35.5 x h10.5 x d8cm.


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s13sKEDRICK wooden spoon


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s13sBODUM copper chambord cafetiere 1l

bodum copper chambord cafetiere 1l

w17.1 x h24.5 x d10.5cm.

makes 8 cups.


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s13sBODUM black milk frother

bodum black milk frother

w4.3 x h22.5 x d3.3cm.


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RINSE cream ceramic colander


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BATTY small orange mixing jug

batty small orange mixing jug

w21 x h11 x d17cm


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