Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Make the most
of small spaces

Don't think that a small space means you have to compromise on style. Admittedly, you’re not going to be shoehorning a three-seater in a room the size of a bathroom but a few nifty little tricks will mean you get the most out of your home, whatever its size.

Creating space

Look for furniture with a small footprint so you can get maximum usage out of minimal floor space. Go for a sofa that is raised off the floor to give a sense of space. Clean lines and modern styling will also add to the 'no mess, no fuss' feeling. Momo's retro curves and slim, beech legs tick the box. A boxier, more upright design can be found on Fino. Whichever way you go, both comfortably sit two people.

Small Space Furniture - Momo Saffron Yellow Fabric Sofa - Habitat UK
Small Space Storage Solutions - Stacking Chairs & Small Dining Tables - Habitat UK

Tidying away

A round dining table, like Lance, creates the illusion of space as there is only one central table leg. It also means it's easy to tuck chairs underneath, whatever their width. Stackable chairs, like Hester, are ideal where space is at a premium and using benches is great as there’s always room for an extra mouth at the table. However, if you are looking for a small but perfectly formed dining chair, Jak is it - a ‘real’ dining chair with a slim design that still manages top marks on comfort. Teamed with Churchill – a small table with folding leaves for easy storing - together they are the definition of a small space solution.

Flexible living

When it comes to storage, tall and skinny is a great profile – a bookcase like Jessie or Jai even minimises the need for extra leg space by anchoring itself against a wall. Think about flexible furniture, not only in terms of use but additionally how easy it is to move around. The Banshee range is mounted on castors – so it can be pushed out of the way when people come to visit and pulled out when you need a better view of the telly.

Storage Furniture For Small Rooms - Habitat UK