Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Out of sight,
out of mind

We're all guilty of that pile of unsorted post at the end of the kitchen table; books, magazines and DVDs scattered around the living room and clothes that never find their way off the bedroom chair.

Great storage that works for your space, however, can definitely help you on your way to a more organised home.

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Superhero range

Storage doesn’t need to be relegated to alcoves. Jacobs and Ottis provide storage and seating. Loki has a reduced footprint so is ideal for smaller spaces - open shelving means it is accessible from both sides and could work as a room divider.

Habitat Bookcases - Elder Tall Bookcase - Habitat UK

Hardworking storage

Storage has to work hard to work well. A mixture of open and closed storage, varying sizes for different spaces and sturdy construction can all be found in Elder. Finger joints withstand the daily attack of accessibility whilst its muted colour palette ensures it’s as suited to a living room as a hallway.

Secret storage

Hidden spaces under beds and at the top of wardrobes can be organised with soft storage. The Jolie and Firth ranges come in multiple sizes and configurations: from zipped storage to store bedding and linens to smaller, open boxes for compartmentalising your drawers.

Not quite sure where to put those keepsakes? Use the trusty Trunk or Jolie in either brights or neutrals to highlight or hide your clutter. Do you own a wardrobe worthy of the catwalk? Display your wares in style with the Alexis rail (and find your clothes easily when you’re in a hurry).

Secret Storage Furniture - Storage Boxes & Containers - Habitat UK

Desk storage

Working on your next masterpiece? Or simply need a space to think? Organise your business essentials and get those pesky bills in order with our handy storage boxes. The fabulous Renae not only does the job but it looks great too, it also comes in a variety of sizes so you can tackle your mess no matter what size it is.

Get ready for storage to be your superpower.

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