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Sculptural and malleable, rattan has revolutionised our outdoor furniture range this season with five new ranges you can use all around your home and garden.

Rattan Reworked – Betel chaise – Habitat UK


The very nature of how rattan is woven allows for the creation of oversized and dramatic shapes. One of the most distinctive this season is the Betel chaise. Affectionately known as ‘the peanut’ and designed by Matt Long, the shape allows you to feel cradled and cocooned. It also works as a two seater. Harpa is a true statement piece. Designer Laure Grezard was inspired by the shape of a beetle to create a high backed chair you can truly immerse yourself in.


The hoops and curves of the Avia range were inspired by the airport in designer Laure’s hometown of Lyon. Rattan has incredible flexibility; its poles are bent into shape and left for 24 hours before being assembled, sanded and varnished. Choose from the Avia bench and dining chair or for real statement living, it has to be the throne-like tall chair. Sit back, with a good book and create a little garden hideaway, just for you.


Rattan weaving is a traditional and highly skilled trade in Indonesia, where Habitat’s woven ranges are made. Bowen is the perfect combination of this craftsmanship and high quality Italian upholstery. For use inside and out (in good weather), you can create a sofa to fit your space or buy a set created by Habitat. Sevo is a contemporary take on a retro 70’s rattan chairs. By their very nature, they are easy and lightweight enough to move wherever you choose to relax.

Rattan Reworked - Bowen sofa