storage & shelving

Combining distinctive design details with practical features, Habitat's storage and shelving designs can be used to display items or conceal clutter for streamlined living.

s13sTILI natural beech bentwood chair


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s13sVINCE oak 3 door sideboard

vince oak 3 door sideboard

w180 x h75 x d45cm. weight: 68kg.


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s13sVINCE oak 2 door sideboard

vince oak 2 door sideboard

w122 x h75 x d45cm


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s13sBOCKSEY 180cm oak plinth

bocksey 180cm oak plinth

w180 x h19 x d45cm. weight: 16kg.


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s13sROYSTON oak av unit

royston oak av unit

w175 x h61.6 x d45cm


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s13sROYSTON oak cabinet

royston oak cabinet

w90 x h120 x d45cm


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ASPEN mink 4 door cupboard

aspen mink 4 door cupboard

w90 x h143 x d45cm. product weight: 50kg.


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s13sFLEUR 8 drawer cabinet

fleur 8 drawer cabinet

w46 x h125.5 x d35cm


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AVARI natural wooden coat stand

avari natural wooden coat stand

w38 x h170 x d36.7cm


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BOCKSEY kid's oak modular cupboard


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BOCKSEY large oak modular av unit


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BOCKSEY large oak modular dining cupboard


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ALBION 3 drawer filing cabinet

albion 3 drawer filing cabinet

w38.6 x h60 x d45cm


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ALBION tall storage cabinet

albion tall storage cabinet

w38.6 x h101.5 x d45cm


ALBION wallmounted storage unit

albion wallmounted storage unit

w110.8 x h27 x d26cm


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MAX oak small av unit

max oak small av unit

w111 x h34 x d45cm. product weight: 23.8kg.


MAX oak 2 door cupboard

max oak 2 door cupboard

w121.4 x h119.4 x d45cm. product weight: 75kg.


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BOCKSEY small oak plinth

bocksey small oak plinth

w90 x h19 x d45cm. product weight: 13kg.


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BOCKSEY modular shelving system

bocksey modular shelving system

w135 x h64 x d47cm


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BOCKSEY modular shelving system

bocksey modular shelving system

w135 x h64 x d45cm


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