side tables

Always on standby, side tables and nests of tables are what piles of books, glasses of wine, and smart little lamps are made for.

SMITHY white metal side table

smithy white metal side table

w45 x h48 x l45cm. product weight: 6.5kg.


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AIRO white metal folding table

airo white metal folding table

w37 x h66 x l48.5cm. product weight: 2.74kg.


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BUMBLE white side table

bumble white side table

d40 x h56cm. product weight: 3kg.


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KILO white metal nest of 3 side tables

kilo white metal nest of 3 side tables

small: w34 x h30 x l42cm. medium: w42 x h35 x l42cm. large: w50 x h40 x l42cm. product weight: 12.5kg.


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KILO white metal side table

kilo white metal side table

w42.5 x h35 x l42.5cm. product weight: 3.4kg.


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CUUB outdoor plastic lamp/table/stool


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OKEN white folding side table

oken white folding side table

w40 x h44 x l40cm. product weight: 2.8kg.