wall lights and spotlights

As essential for delivering strong, clear beams of light or soft pools of luminescence, our streamlined wall lights and spotlights are available as singles or in multiples.

GRYFF single brushed metal spotlight

gryff single brushed metal spotlight

w7 x h12 x d11.5cm.

plate size: w7 x w12 x w3cm.


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GRYFF triple brushed metal spotlight on round plate

gryff triple brushed metal spotlight on round plate

w17 x h17 x d11cm.

plate size: w11 x w11 x w2.5cm.


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GRYFF quadruple brushed metal spotlight

gryff quadruple brushed metal spotlight

w72 x h7 x d14cm.

plate size: w12 x w7 x w3cm.


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TOMMY silver metal wall light

tommy silver metal wall light

w12 x h12 x d38cm


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REECE silver 3 spotlight bar

reece silver 3 spotlight bar

w28 x h4 x d13cm


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CABARET 4 bulb bathroom wall light


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MONTPARNASSE outdoor wall light

montparnasse outdoor wall light

w20.5 x h33 x d24cm


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