consoles & dressing tables

Habitat's consoles and dressing tables make practical and chic additions to the hallway and bedroom, while their slender profile saves valuable space.

s13sLIMBO oak dressing table and stool

limbo oak dressing table and stool

table: w40 x h123.5 x l50cm.

chair: w41 x h45 x d35cm.

product weight: 26kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w132 x h46 x d52cm.


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FLEUR oak dressing table

fleur oak dressing table

w87.5 x h80 x d48cm.

product weight: 27kg.


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GALA glass console table

gala glass console table

w38 x h79 x l113cm.

product weight: 30kg.


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YEOMAN zinc console table

yeoman zinc console table

w150 x h76 x d43cm


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s13sELDER linen white console table

elder linen white console table

w95 x h77.7 x d35cm.

drawer dimensions: w58 x h31 x d30.2cm.

product weight: 20.5kg.

packaged dimensions - box 1: w102.5 x h8.5 x d74cm.

packaged dimensions - box 2: w63.5 x h14.3 x d70cm.


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PEROUSE white dressing table

perouse white dressing table

w42 x h75 x l110cm


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s13sMACONIE walnut and glass console table

maconie walnut and glass console table

w40 x h75 x l110cm.

product weight: 15kg.


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HANA II oak console table

hana ii oak console table

w37 x h77 x l113cm


GEM clear glass console table

gem clear glass console table

w35 x h76.5 x l118cm.

product weight: 75kg.