Top Tips For Creating A Gallery Wall

Fancy creating your own gallery wall? We asked our friends at The Other Art Fair to share their top tips for designing a statement wall.

The trend for creating gallery style walls in the home just keeps on growing. Simply scroll through an Instagram feed or pick up a lifestyle magazine and you’ll know exactly what we’ll talking about. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re also a great way of putting a stamp of your style in any space. Ever considered creating your own but have no idea where to start? Fear not. The art buffs behind The Other Art Fair are here to help with three easy tips to creating your own gallery wall.



Can’t decide on just one piece to hang? Consider a Salon Hang – Plan your hang on the floor first and then have one feature piece in the middle and arrange the others around it. The frames don’t need to be the same, and it works best when you have varying sizes of work.


Hang your work at eye level and if you have furniture surrounding the piece leave at least 8 inches space in between.



If you have a big space to fill, consider having one large feature piece. And remember that having the artwork slightly too big is always better than it being slightly too small.

Feeling ready to create your own wall of frames?

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