How To Make A Statement With Lighting


We’ve always loved the traditional tungsten filament bulbs but hated how bad these were for the environment. Now there are some amazingly decorative lights that, paired with the right shade, make a feature of the humble light bulb. The laser cut plywood design of Achilles in fact casts mesmerising shadows when lit.


Ever been enchanted by a light only to find it too dominant a force in your tiny room? Fear not, our range proves small can still be interesting. The Belle table lamp and small pendant are made from hole punched ceramic which provide beautiful detailing and an ambient glow, making them a great lighting solution for dark areas.

Statement lighting, wooden and glass lamps


LED lights have come a long way – tiny lights that pack a punch when it comes to illuminating your home. Our new Mirah range of LED pendants have a wonderfully minimal, slightly retro aesthetic that feels so perfect right now. LED is the smart choice for desk lights – choose from the Aaron Probyn-designed Poise or the touch-sensitive Dotty.

LED lamp and deer figurine

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