Outdoor Christmas decorations

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Get your garden, patio or porch decked up for the holidays with our outdoor Christmas decorations. Pop in a couple of dainty lights to give your home that festive glow or dress your windows and doors with some garlands and wreaths to ring in the season—whatever you’re after, we’ve got it all right here.

Xmas Decorations for the garden

Start off by giving your garden an ambient and welcoming glow with our warm white Christmas lights. Whether you’re wrapping them around foliage or spiralling them around your Christmas tree, they’re sure to brighten up the space with their warming and festive presence. Whilst you’re decorating your Christmas tree, don’t forget to put the final touches with a Christmas tree topper. From classic stars to fairies and angels, we’ve got something for all kinds of themes.

And when it’s time to head in, illuminate your space with our wide selection of Indoor Christmas lights. Hang around a few light-up baubles for that festive feel or make it even more exciting with some charming fairy lights. And if you find yourself snuggling on the couch watching Christmas specials on the telly, a heated throw blanket is just what you need to keep yourself cosy through the silent night.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Whether you’re planning to play host this holiday season or just want to add a bit of festive charm to your home, our outdoor fairy lights might just be the ticket. For a hassle-free setup, our solar-powered LED string lights are a great choice. Or if you want to add a pop of colour, our neon effect bulbs are sure to do the trick. But before you’re done decorating your space, don’t forget to put up a Christmas door wreath on your entrance to mark the season of joy and gifting.

Christmas calls for basking in the warmth of a fire—so make sure you and your loved ones are comfortable with our choice of outdoor seating. Take your pick from chic yet durable couches and sofas or max out on utility with our practical folding chairs. For some all-year-round illumination, check out our entire range of solar garden lights to make your serene sanctuary more inviting.