Catherine's Habitat

Catherine Teatum & Rob jones

Catherine Teatum

Creative director of British fashion label, Teatum Jones

Catherine lives in Hammersmith, West London, in a home designed by her architect brothers, who run property development company, Noiascape. She is photographed alongside joint Creative Director, Rob Jones.

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Glass tumblers and asortment of vases neatly spread on table.
Leopold chair


“The influence from interiors inspires our fashion and vice versa. I am obsessed with chairs and ceramics! The colours in ceramics can often end up inspiring the colour palette of an entire collection.”

Abstract vases.


"“As a fashion label, we explore materials; their composition, their cut, detailing and their visual contrast to create striking collections each season. This process is very similar to that of the architect."
Throughout the property, spaces are defined by vibrant material contrasts, from cast concrete walls and birch joinery through to red pigmented concrete floors.

rocking chair on bright orange flooring.

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