Sophie's Habitat

Sophie lee of geo fleur at home

Sophie Lee

Founder of botanical styling company, geo-fleur

Sophie lives in York with her sausage dog, Luna. Here she is photographed in the Walthamstow Village home of her business partner Sally Thompson and husband Chris, where the seeds of geo-fleur were sown.

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Sophie lee of geo fleur living room filled with plants and a marble coffee table
A group of house plants on shelf


"Sally’s home is a mix of eclectic vintage pieces with some modern twists. We both like pops of colour, especially through house plants, but are also slightly obsessive with monochrome minimalism."

Close up of house plant leaves


“Plants are so great in a home as the different leaf textures and shapes can instantly transform a space. There is also a lot of research done by NASA that proves that having a house filled with plants is beneficial, as certain plants purify the air.

We love filling bookcases and shelving with plants. Some of the trailing plants, such as the string of hearts or fishbone cactus, are reasonably low maintenance and just need watering once a week.”

Sophie lee of geo fleur dining room with big dining table, copper ceiling light and bookcase filled with house plants
A fireplace with house plants

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