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Lorraine Candy at home

Lorraine Candy

Editor in Chief of Style magazine

As well as editing Style, Lorraine is a Luxury Content Director of The Sunday Times. She lives in North London with her husband James, their four children and puppy Pixel.

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"I don't have time for vintage shopping so we buy what is practical and beautiful, which is why we have a lot of Habitat in the house."

Orange tableware
Lorraine Candy’s welsh terrier sitting on an orange chair
Lorraine Candy’s living room with grey velvet sofa


"I am eclectic. I like pieces that tell a story and hate it when things look too done. Working in fashion for more than 30 years means I have collected many things. I am lucky to have been gifted some amazing pieces of the years - Karl Lagerfeld gave me a Chanel surf board for my 40th because I come from Cornwall and am learning to surf. I have behind the scenes pictures from covers shoots and Madonna sent me a birthday card with her black and white Elle cover on the front which I treasure.”

Lorraine Candy’s living room with grey velvet sofa and chanel surfboard
Lorraine Candy’s bedroom with louis Vuitton bedspread


"I definitely get a sense of what I like from what I see at the fashion shows twice a year and am aware of trends in colours and pieces. I have some unique silk scarves framed that were given to me personally by designers; they work wonderfully in picture frames and are original. I like a wall to tell a story, personal to me and my family. So I also have lovely things the kids have made over the years and many many baby pictures because I love babies.”

Lorraine Candy’s straw basket handbag

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