Athina's Habitat

Athina Bluff in her home

Athina Bluff

Founder of Topology Interiors

Athina is one half of interior design duo, Topology. Along with her business partner, Amy, she’s on a mission to bring affordable interior design to the masses. She lives in South West London with her best friend.

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Living room with orange velvet sofa


"My bedroom is a calming space, filled with little luxuries like candles and flowers. I've also added a desk as sometimes I like to work from home."

Eyes cushion
White bedroom with eyes cushion and shelf
Dark walls in a dining room


As well as making the most of her flat's small square footage, Athina has also managed to inject her own personality, making her rented flat feel instantly more homely.
“I’ve done what I can under landlord restraints – so I’ve painted a few walls and bought or upcycled furniture. If it had been mine, I would have gone dark throughout the entire flat.”

Living room shelves with plants and ornaments

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