Alice's Habitat

Alice Levine in her Clapton home

Alice Levine

Broadcaster, podcaster & founder
of Jackson & Levine

Alice is one half of food and lifestyle brand Jackson & Levine and has recently launched her debut homeware collection with Habitat. She lives in Clapton, East London.

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Alice Levine's living room
Alice Levine's kitchen with house plants and living room with bicycle


“I love how bright my flat is; it’s in a Victorian mansion block with 4 huge sash windows along the walls of my front room and kitchen.”

Alice Levine's kitchen with apron, copper pans, glassware, dried flowers and house plants


“I have a huge dining table in my kitchen and that’s where I spend most of my time. Drinking tea, working, chatting, eating. It is the hub of my home.”

Alice Levine's kitchen with glassware, apron and dried flowers
Alice Levine's kitchen with artwork, glassware, radio and copper pan
Alice Levine's monochrome bathroom


“I can err on the side of cluttered sometimes but I generally like cool, airy spaces. I’d say I’m drawn to dusty, muted colours but like to have a pop of something bright here and there. My flat is quite modern in its decor but I also have lots of antiques to offset this. So it’s a real jumble. Homely too, I hope. I draw interior inspiration from other people's amazing homes.”

Alice Levine's pink and copper bedroom

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