Anthony's Habitat

At home with Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill

Graphic artist, print-maker and designer

Anthony is best known for his 'Work Hard & Be Nice To People' poster which adorns the walls of homes the world over. He lives in Kent with his wife, 2 children, Pip the dog and 6 chickens.

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Anthony Burrill's living room

We Are Family

"The ground floor is one open space, that’s where we all spend our time. As a family we love to cook and eat together."

Anthony Burril's kitchen with yellow ceiling lights
Red and black vase with red tulips
Outside Anthony Burrill's home


Anthony loves the simplicity of the space, finding it a calming environment to live and work in. "We worked closely with our architects Nick and Rosamund England to produce a house and studio that is both contemporary and comfortable.  We’ve used simple materials and carefully enhanced the qualities of the existing building. I’d describe it as 'agricultural minimalism'."

Wooden staircase
Made in LA print
Bedroom with white bed linen and black and white throw
Flap clock


"We are both avid collectors of prints and posters, unfortunately we’ve run out of wall space to display everything."

Wooden coffee table with books and coffee cup
Dining table and chairs
Multicoloured posters

The Good Stuff

"I get lots of inspiration from every day experiences, I try and remember the good stuff and feed it in to my work."

Bookcase with vases and desk lamp
Anthony Burrill at his desk
Anthony Burrill in his studio

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