Alex's Habitat

Alex stands by her fireplace in a living room with white, grey and blue tones.

Alex Stedman

Stylist and Blogger

Alex Stedman is a London-based fashion stylist, art director and blogger. She has recently bought her first flat and is enjoying mixing and matching classics and trends in both her wardrobe and in her home.

A black and white phone in a frame.
A large stag illustration is framed on a white wall.


"My husband and I are loving our new home. We are just around the corner from my sister so I get to see her a lot."

Bright and colourful toy robots.
Alex's bedside table features a plant, alarm clock, photo and several books.
Alex writing notes at her desk.


"Personal bits make the space feel like home. We have the LP record of our first song at our wedding. I love just surrounding myself with inspiration."

A selection of fashion related books.
Black and white frames hang on the walls.