Claudia's Habitat

Claudia Baillie leans back on a wooden sideboard. Behind her is a large plant, a stack of books and a framed Vogue cover. On the wall is a pink sketch of a woman in a bikini.

Claudia Baillie

Interiors Editor

As interiors editor at the Sunday Times Style, Claudia Baillie spends her days inspecting the UK’s most fabulous homes. In her own Streatham Hill pad, it’s all about natural light, colour and plenty of cheeky detail.

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A light and airy living room with a large bay window contains a modern fire place, a round table with four chairs and a leather armchair next to a stack of books and a large floor lamp with a pink shade.

A bit of this, a bit of that

Vintage knick-knacks and lampshades, graphic prints and stacks of books sit perfectly alongside an amazing
deco fireplace.

Small ornaments of a boy and girl kissing stand on a book along with a small plant in a terracotta pot and a stack of small plates.
A polished wooden jewellery box stands on a black and white patterned surface along with a stack of neat black and white storage boxes, a small vase of pink flowers and a rectangular mirror.
A multi coloured map of the world hangs in a white frame on a white kitchen wall. Dark grey kitchen units with wooden worktops stand on a white and grey tiled floor, and clean dishes rest on a draining wrack by a white sink in front of a window.

Don't rush it

After buying her home, Claudia slowly filled it with things she loved including a prized Lucie Bennett Pink Knickers print.

A small statue of the Virgin Mary stands beside two wooden cotton reels and a yellow cylinder.
An old dress makers mannequin stands against a grey wall.
A fur coat hangs from the white frame of a large mirror on a grey wall. A basket on a pale carpeted floor contains rolls of patterned materials with a dress makers mannequin standing nearby next to shelves of storage boxes and a desk with a laptop, lamp and potted plants
A horned animal skull is mounted on wood on a white wall. Colourful decorative keys on a large golden ring hang from its horn.

It's in the detail

“My house is full of little things I’ve picked up on my travels and each one of them has a memory attached.”

Two white book shelves each hold a row of books. A stack of three books is laid down at the end of each row, the books at the end of the top shelf are topped with a red and white striped jug and small floral teacups. The bottom shelf's books are topped with a stack of small plates, a watering can, small plant and an ornament of a boy and girl kissing.
A variety of dark pink, purples, red and white flowers surround a rabbit ornament and a stack of terracotta plant pots.

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