Giles' Habitat

Giles Coren stands in front of a large bookshelf in his home

Giles Coren

Restaurant Critic

Outspoken food critic Giles Coren is the first to admit his wife is responsible for anything cool or well designed in their Kentish Town abode. However he’ll take credit for the Habitat cushions and the books, thanks.

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The comfy Tisno armchair sits beside a shelf of personal keepsakes including his late father’s 19th century gun.

Six cushions with geometric patterns in various shades of yellow, white and grey are scattered along a grey sofa
A rectangular wooden coffee table sits in the middle of a living room with wooden floors, alcove bookcase and a large mirror hung above a black fireplace
An open drawer containing two old teddy bears on a pile of old bills


“I’m not ashamed of them. When I’m writing I like to have them on the desk with me to keep me real.”

Giles Coren sits in an upholstered armchair reading a recipe book with his feet resting on a Habitat yellow knitted round pouf
A large toaster and a coffee machine sit on a white kitchen counter with two pale yellow cups and a red book


“Really my wife ought to own the kitchen. She, after all designed it. I’ve always been keen on cooking but I take her out for dinner, and she cooks for me. That’s really the deal. In truth, the kids own it, like they own everything in this house."

A wooden toy red London bus with a small elephant-shaped jigsaw piece leaning against it, sits on a wooden table
Three small spiky echeveria pulidonis plants in tiny plant pots are placed upon a small white, blue and orange patterned plate next to a pale blue vase and a striped navy blue and white patterned vase

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