Rick's Habitat

Rick Edwards sits on a squishy blue velvet sofa complete with Habitat printed cushions.

Rick Edwards

TV Presenter

T4 presenter, comedian and author, Rick Edwards, resides in a cheerful, sun-filled space in Kentish Town with his actress girlfriend and their cat. Between them, the flat is chock-a-block with books, art, film paraphernalia and quite a few mid-century gems.

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Iconic Spanish film Volver print adds a pop of colour above a glass top desk and open bookshelves.


Rick’s most prized possession is a statement neon ‘Don’ sign nestled in the fireplace in the living room: “I’m very fond of it. I had it made for my girlfriend as a reminder for her to always live the life of a Don. I ripped the fireplace out and got the Don light in, huge improvement.”

Rick does confirm “Her name is not Don – terrible name for a girl!”


Rick’s very proud of his signed Kenny Dalglish shirt. “It isn’t up in my living room as my girlfriend’s family are all Arsenal fans – rather gallingly it’s in the downstairs loo.”

A neon Don sign sits in a closed fire place, in between a black acoustic guitar and an industrial style floor lamp.
A framed print sits on a wooden chest of drawers alongside Rick's stereo.
A grey sofa, blue coffee table, wooden side table, textured rug and printed cushions give a homely feel to Rick's room.


"Right here on my sofa I finished writing my book, None of The Above. I wrote it in 7 weeks and hit send on the final proof from this seat."

Rick's book None of the Above sits on a white bookshelf.
Printed postcards and recipe books fill Rick's wooden bookshelf.
A striped rug sits in a monochrome kitchen with dark worktops and units with a white dining table and retro chairs.

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