Rosie's Habitat

Rosie Birkett in her kitchen

Rosie Birkett

Food writer, cookbook author &
food stylist

You’ll find Rosie cooking up a storm in her kitchen. She lives in Hackney with her husband and their whippet, Cyril.

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Rosie Birkett's dining room with wooden dining table and vintage chairs


“What drew me to our house is that the kitchen is pretty much the whole of the downstairs. It’s open plan and flooded by natural light from a glass ceiling, so I’m really happy cooking here. There are plenty of units for storage and I love being able to display my props on top of the cupboards. You’ll also notice I’m a sucker for a house plant.”

Rosie Birkett's office space with vintage wooden desk and chair, and gallery wall.
Rosie Birkett's living room wall with artwork.


“I love collecting beautiful objects and handmade treasures such as ceramics, vintage furniture and art.”

Rosie Birkett's kitchen with house plants and pots and pans.
Rosie Birkett's dining room chairs.
Rosie Birkett's bedroom with wooden bed and side table, pink bed linen and marble table lamp.

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