Fabric sofas buying guide

By far the most popular sofa choice, the fabric sofa is a forever friend. It’s easy to clean and look after, easy to update the covers and comes in a whole range of shapes and sizes to fit your space.

Whether you’re after a two seater, three seater or that life-saving sofa bed, we have literally thousands of styles ready and waiting for you. On a tight deadline? No problem, explore our ready to go sofa section where you can receive your new sofa in just two weeks!

Unsure of what size you need? Feel free to pop in to store for advice and to try out your next purchase. We also have a sofa measuring guide online which is great for checking your new sofa will fit through the door.

The right choice

We know a new sofa can be a strain on your bank balance so it’s important to make the right decision. We are here in-store and on the phone to help with all those tricky sofa decisions. How big do you want your sofa to be? Should it take pride of place or fit neatly into a small space?

What fabric would you like? What size? And which room does it need to go into? Have a read of our handy buying guide and all your sofa queries will be answered.

If you are giving your whole room a re-vamp then we also have a whole host of accessories, such as cushions, lighting and rugs to finish off your new look.

Fabric types

Fabric sofas

All of our sofas are fully upholstered in a large choice of fabric options. Whilst some may take a few weeks to arrive (due to the fact that they are tailor made for you), we also have a wide selection of fabric sofas that can be delivered in just two weeks. Meaning you’ll be relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea before you know it.

Our most popular choice, fabric sofas are not only a great price point but they are built to last, meaning they will stay in fashion just as long as you need them to. There is also a whole host of matching footstools and armchairs to help you complete your look.

Our different fabrics:


In a range of bold colours and with a soft, textured feel, this fabric is 100% polyester meaning it’s extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean.


Made using polyester yarns, this hardwearing fabric is perfect for family homes. It has an easy-care finish to aid the removal of water-based spillages, preventing any stains.


Very soft to touch, this luxurious linen mix fabric is inspired by classic Italian men’s suiting so it drapes and upholsters beautifully.


With a textured tweedy look and feel, this family-friendly fabric uses Aquaclean technology, so you can use water to wipe away stains.


This linen-look fabric is hard-wearing with an easy-care finish to aid the removal of water-based stains.

Viscose Mix (Bali)

Made in Italy, this two-tone woven fabric is rich in texture and detail, with the viscose component increasing durability.

Linen (Stonewashed)

This 100% linen fabric is luxuriously soft to touch and has a striped appearance to add interest and texture to a room.

Fabric (Ivy)

This linen-look fabric is hard-wearing with an easy-care finish that is perfect for all families and occasions.

Velvet sofas

We have three different types of velvet. From our luxe piave velvet to our spill-resistant easy velvet and family-friendly Aquaclean mystic velvet, there’s a velvet for everyone. Opt for a moody grey to get a classic look or bold and bright to make a style statement.

Our different velvets:

Piave Velvet

If you’re after a luxurious look that will last, this is the perfect velvet for you. Made in Italy, its deep pile gives it an extremely soft and rich texture. It is a hardwearing fabric but like all luxurious velvets, it is may show up some scuffs and brush marks over time giving it a more relaxed character.

Easy Velvet

Super durable and spill-resistant, our short pile easy velvet is made with busy homes in mind. Any spillages can be wiped away with a damp cloth, leaving no stains.

Aquaclean Mystic Velvet

Our accident-proof micro pile velvet is perfect for families. With advanced Aquaclean technology, all spillages including wine, sauces and ink can be easily wiped away with water.

Wool sofas

A wool sofa is great for adding a long lasting piece to your living room. Handmade in Europe, they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. We also have a whole host of colours and sizes to ensure your sofa looks as good as you do.

Our different wools:

Wool Mix (Tweed)

This wool rich fabric with a subtle tweed design is blended with polyamide and acrylic for increased resistance to wear and fading making it a great long-lasting choice.

Wool (Amatheon)

This luxurious wool rich fabric is super soft and stylish. It’s blended with polyamide and acrylic to make it more long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Wool Mix (Herringbone)

A hardwearing yet luxuriously soft wool rich fabric. Combined with polyamide and acrylic to withstand wear and tear.

Different finishes


Choose from a fabric, wool or velvet sofas. Still unsure? You can pop into store to have a touch and feel to check you and your sofa are right for each other.


Many of our sofas are available in a range of sizes, from an armchair, compact sofa, 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater, corner sofa or sofa bed. Be sure to measure your space carefully (watch our sofa measuring guide), or take your measuring tape into store if need to!


Will it be an occasional sofa or an everyday family sofa? This will affect the wear and tear factor, colour and fabric choice.


Opt for bright and beautiful or calm and sophisticated. Feel free to bring in swatches from your home or order our sofa swatches

Choosing a fabric sofa

Choosing a sofa can be a daunting decision as it will be pride of place in your living room for a long time. Fabric sofas are an easy fix for any space as they are simple to clean and their fabric is long lasting.

You can opt for fabric, wool or velvet depending on the look and feel of your room. Velvet is perfect for adding a bit of luxury whilst wool is long lasting and gives a contemporary look.

What other furniture will there be around your sofa? Be sure to measure all around the space where your sofa will go, as well as doorways, hallways etc. If you have any concerns feel free to ask in store or watch our handy sofa measuring guide.

Lighting is key to brightening up a space as well as printed cushions and tufted rugs. Be sure to pamper your living room with lots of accessories for a homely feel or pare it back to create a cool Scandi look.

Watch our sofa measuring guide:


  • Avoid exposing your furniture to direct and prolonged periods of sunlight and heat sources as fading may result
  • Avoid sharp objects
  • Do not use solvent based cleaners
  • Great care must be taken to avoid spillages
  • Professional cleaning recommended
  • Rotate and 'plump-up' cushions regularly to prevent uneven wear and excessive soiling
  • Vacuum or brush weekly, as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull colours
  • Wipe with a damp cloth and then immediately wipe dry with a soft dry cloth


Whether you want your sofa to be the talking point or the room or gently blend in, we have a whole host of accessories to help you complete your look. We have floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights to ensure you can cosy up in the winter and read your favourite books in style.

Our printed cushions, rugs and cuddly throws add a bit of drama to your room and are really comfy too! We also have all kinds of furniture to give you AV storage, bookshelves and coffee tables and side tables.

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