Available in a variety of fabrics, materials and colours to match all our upholstery ranges, you'll find the perfect accessory for your living room within our growing category of pouffes and footstools.

Choosing pouffes or footstools

The sit, purpose and colour are all big factors when it comes to choosing your perfect pouffe.

Our Knot and Durrie pouffes are strong, robust and come in bright patterns and colours to add a bold accessory to your living room. We have footstools to match some of our sofas and armchairs, helping you stretch out and put your feet up. You can even rest your tray on one of our ottomans so it can double up as a coffee table.

When considering your purchase think about your space in the room, height of your current sofa and if you need storage. Our extensive range of footstools vary in shape and size so think about how tall the footstool needs to be to ensure comfortable lounging. If you can, get in store to try them out, as you would when buying a sofa.

Look at your current interior and think about leg colour. We have dark stained, oak or even metal to give a contemporary feel to a room.

Extra storage is always a plus so look out for our footstools such as Chester that have storage to help in small spaces
Different types

Fabric choices

We have footstools in fabric and leather and in various colours to coordinate with your current furniture set up. We offer a swatch ordering service so you can be sure it will match or compliment your existing scheme.

Benefits of office accessories


Vacuum or brush your upholstery weekly as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull colours.

Avoid exposing your furniture to direct and prolonged periods of sunlight and heat sources as fading may occur. Rotating your piece on a regular basis will help with providing even wear.

Where are they made?

All our Knots and Durrie pouffes are handmade in India whilst our footstools are made by our furniture suppliers throughout Europe.

How are they made?

Our pouffes are made from cotton and stuffed with a polystyrene bead filling giving them a firm but comfy sit.

Our footstools are made from wood frames and wrapped in layers of fibre and foam depending on the style you've chosen to create the perfect shape.

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