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Speedy breakfasts, lazy lunches or decadent dinners, whatever your eating event, comfort is key. With a healthy dose of good looks and practicality, of course. Whether you're looking to fit some seating to an existing table set-up or purchasing the whole caboodle, let us be your guide.

What to consider

There are two things to consider when buying a dining chair – style and style. The style of your dining chairs and how they work with your table is really important – this will be your first step to narrowing down your search. At Habitat we offer a variety of material and styles from classic bentwood to contemporary synthetic rattan. Another important decision is whether you want the chairs to match or not. At Habitat we offer various colours on some of our dining chairs so you could create a fun mix and match look around your dining table.


For smaller spaces you may want to consider stackable dining chairs or benches that store easily under the dining table. Stackable chairs are great to pair with some of our extending dining tables so that you have flexible dining options. There are also different benefits to light and dark chairs. A light finish will create more space in your room and bounce light around. Whist darker colours hide dirt and marks easier.


Once you have picked a style that works for you then you need to select something that fills your comfort needs. You may want a fully upholstered dining chair or a plastic moulded frame. At Habitat all of our chairs are designed to provide the upmost comfort however everyone has different needs. We suggest trying out our dining chairs before buying to ensure you get the best product for you. All of our chairs are moulded shapes that will support your back for long tern use. Comfort doesn’t always mean padded and upholstered. Unpadded chairs are all shaped to provide support and reflect the natural shape of your body.

You may also want to consider how easy the chairs are to keep clean. Everyone knows a messy eater, kids and adults alike!

Kubrik high white gloss £250 - £450

Different types available

We cover every style and type of chair whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary dining chair. We have various materials from wood, plastic, string, upholstered and metal.

Jessie leaning bookcase £95 - Loki bookcase £195 - Drew free-standing shelving £45 - £75

Caring for your chairs

Each of chairs or benches comes with care instructions which can also be found on our website. Some upholstered dining chairs have removable covers which can be dry cleaned. The beauty of a plastic chair is that marks can be removed with a damp cloth so they are great for a busy household and especially those with kids.

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Other uses

Benches are extremely flexible items that can be used around the home. Use them in your hallway for putting on your shoes or in your bedroom at the end of your bed. Benches also make a great coffee table. It is always great to have extra chairs around your house for when guests come to visit and dining chairs can also be put to good use around the home when not in their more regular positioning at the dining table. You can also use them as a bed side table or as a side table next to your sofa. As most of our chairs are stackable, some are foldable and benches store themselves easily under tables, most of our seating options are quickly tucked away!

Towel rails and toilet roll holders

Different types and materials

Habitat chairs are made all over the world, mainly in Europe and China. Different countries have different specialities. For example, our Polish factory were one of the first in the world to produce bentwood furniture and, as such, are experts in this field.

Towel rails and toilet roll holders
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