We know that wardrobes are designed for tidiness, but they’re also used for hiding clutter behind closed doors. Our sliding wardrobes and accessories have been developed and designed around different combinations that make conquering your clothes easy. Read our sliding wardrobes buying guide to discover everything you need to know about sliding wardrobes and more.

How much space do I need?

This entirely depends on the size of wardrobe you are looking at, but make sure you measure you space before ordering your wardrobe and getting it fitted. Here’s some guidelines to follow so you can get it right:


When measuring your space, it’s always best to allow extra clearance. As a guide, leave 1cm width of clearance and 4cm ceiling clearance.


We’ve got a wide variety of different sized sliding wardrobes to make sure they fit into any space. But be sure to make a note that the height of our wardrobes are 223cm. The internal depth is 58cm, whilst the external depth is 69cm.

To make sure you’re ordering a big enough wardrobe for your clothes and accessories, please consider the internal width of every section of the wardrobe. This below guide will help you:

How to create your wardrobe


First things first, dimensions, because what you choose to create depends entirely on the space you have available against the size options we offer. We recommend looking carefully through the below and measuring your space twice before ordering.

  • Widths available for 2 doors: 160cm or 200cm
  • Widths available for 3 doors: 240cm or 300cm
  • Heights available: 223cm
  • Depths available: external 69cm, internal 58cm

Colours and finishes:

Our door styles include matt white and white glass, which can both have a mirror added on. All of our matt white wardrobes have a white trim, whilst glass designs have an aluminium trim. We’ve chosen these finishing touches for a pure, contemporary look and the interiors is a light birch.


Once you’ve got the main dimensions sorted, it’s now time to add your accessories. Add-ons include chests of drawers, rails and additional shelves. The below chart includes all the different options available.

Wardrobe Shelf Dimensions

Which Drawers Fit Which Wardrobes?

On the 2 and 4 drawer cabinets, the 77cm width drawers can only be ordered for 160cm and 240cm wardrobes.

The 97cm width dimensions can only be ordered for the 200cm and 300cm wardrobes.

Below is a diagram which shows pricing and sizing for drawers.

Drawers Available Dimensions

What do I need to do pre-installation?

The most important thing we need from you is your knowledge of your home. Think about whether any narrow or spiral staircases or low ceilings will prevent us from accessing your home with larger pieces. When we arrive, the floors need to be as flat as possible.

Please remove any items such as wall mirrors, pictures or lampshades that could hinder access within your home. It’s also worth protecting your floors and carpets as we can’t accept responsibility for any damages caused to your space of possessions during delivery.

It’s best to keep young children away from the working area. And please note that for health and safety reasons, our installers can only deliver via normal doorways and stairways and can’t remove their shoes.

Any removal of radiators, light switches or power points should be done before we deliver. All existing furniture also needs to be removed before we arrive, so there’s a clear space for us to install.

Overall: the clearer the space, the quicker the installation.


Once your furniture’s been put together, it shouldn’t be moved or dismantled.

Cleaning is easy, just wipe everything with a slightly damp cool cloth. Houeshold cleaners and polishes, including those for mirrors, shouldn’t be used as they can sometimes cause damage to your furniture.

Surfaces should be protected from spillages of drinks, cosmetics or cleaners. We recommend glass cut to size or a risk of this is likely to occur.

If you want to plaster the wardrobe into your space, we recommend you fill and use it for 2 or 3 weeks first to allow it to settle.