Side tables

A side table is just thing to finish of a room’s look, as well as somewhere to rest that all important glass of wine at the end of the day. Our designs also work perfectly in the bedroom as bedside tables - mirroring the styles at either side of the bed is all you need for that polished hotel look.

Choosing a side table

There are a few things to consider when buying a side table.

Size and Space

Make sure you measure the area where you want your new side table to be. It's worth measuring the furnishings that it will sit beside to ensure that the heights and proportions work together. You want to make sure that you can reach your cup of tea or glass of wine. You should plan for your side table to be equal to or slightly below the arm of your sofa or bed. Our diverse range all work brilliantly as bedside tables as well as side tables.


How you’re going to use your table is really important. At Habitat we have covered off every kind of form and function:  tray tables, circular, folding, storage, nested, shelved - you just need to choose! Different styles mean a wide range of price points to suit every wallet, from £15 to £350. Whether you’re looking for a large piece to sit against a wall or something that can fold flat and be stored easily, we’ve got that covered too.

Material and Colour

A bit of a klutz with your drinks? An enamel or metal finish is for you.  Looking for something stylish? Maybe walnut and oak is for you. Short on space? Look to the ‘invisibility’ of glass. And if you love colour, several of our ranges come in a hue that’ll suit you. Read more in the next section.

wooden side table

Different types

At Habitat we offer a wide range of functions and materials in our side table collection to fit both your needs and your interior decor.

A side table is something that could add a focal point to your room, a much-needed accompaniment to your seating or something that only appears when guests are visiting. Our range is fun, stylish, practical and sophisticated so there really is something for everyone.

selection of side tables

Different materials

We’ve made a side table out of most materials!


Glass is great for creating light and space within a room. It will make your room feel bigger due its transparent qualities. Glass is also really easy to clean and maintain.


Metal is a practical and versatile material that can come in matt or shiny finishes. Metal can be smooth or textured creating interesting designs. Again, it’s easy to clean.


Wood is a great material to suit any style of home. At Habitat we have oak, walnut and bamboo side tables with beautiful warm finishes that will fit most decors, including the bedroom.


Acrylic is a modern and contemporary material that is easy to clean and bounces light around your room.

circular side table


Dust with dry cloth. Remove marks with a weak washing up solution. Don’t use polish.

stackable side tables


Pair your side table with one of our beautiful table lights.

Dependant on the size of your side table you could get a light with a small footprint or even one that clips onto the side if your table to free up space. Or you could choose to make a focus of a striking light, with the side table acting as a pedestal to show it off! We have side tables to accommodate both kinds of lights.

Some of our ranges have matching coffee tables so you mix or match your lounging style.

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