Coffee tables

A coffee table may be one of the most undervalued but useful pieces of furniture you could ever have on your shopping list. It becomes the (often unwitting) home for several remote controls, waiting-to-be-read newspapers and magazines, thrown keys and weary feet. Whatever you store there, it’s worth giving it some time and attention because it will become the centre of your living room.

Habitat has coffee tables from £20 to £500 so there’s something suit every pocket as well as lifestyle. Some have built in storage, others are more streamlined. We have the decorative and the more modern. Whether you’re looking for it to be the striking centrepiece or to unassumingly blend into its surroundings, we will have something to suit your needs.

Choosing a coffee table

Choosing a coffee table is about three different things – size, function and design.


Measuring up your room and getting an understanding as to what could fit into your room is the most important step.  You want to have a least 2 feet between your coffee table and the surrounding furniture so measuring up your space is important. In smaller spaces a round coffee table is your best option. To ensure perfect proportions, a general rule of thumb is that your coffee table should be around a half to two thirds of the length of your sofa. And the height of the coffee table to should be roughly the same height as your sofa cushions.


This is the next important thing to consider when buying a coffee table. Do you want something with storage, something that’s round, something with a shelf or hidden lift up storage? A coffee table is such a key feature to your living space that making sure it is as useful as it is beautiful is really important.


Coffee tables come in various different materials and finishes. We have solid wood, wood veneer, metal, spun bamboo, glass and lots of mixed material versions. Metal and glass will bounce light around your room creating more space. Wooden coffee tables will have storage elements to ensure that you can hide clutter. Each coffee table offers something different. Shape also varies across coffee tables. At Habitat we offer round, square and rectangular.

cofee table

Different types and materials

Choose from wood (to include, solid wood, wood veneer and spun bamboo), metal glass and quite a few options that mix a number of these materials.

cofee table

Caring for your coffee table

Three rules will serve you well here:

  1. Dust with a dry cloth
  2. Remove marks with a weak washing up solution
  3. Don’t use polish
Whether you have a solid wood coffee table or a glass one, you should use coasters, or even a drinks tray, to protect it as much as possible from water stains or heat marks.
cofee table

Complimenting your coffee table

Pair one of our coffee tables with a fabulous arm chair and rug. If you go for a fairly neutral coffee table then one of our hand woven colourful rugs would make the perfect friend to your coffee table.

We also have a wide range of armchairs covering a wide selection of fabrics and leathers. Think about additional buys before buying your coffee table to ensure that everything works well together.

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