A good set of stainless steel cutlery will last you for many years if you look after it properly. The design you select will mainly come down to budget, taste and dining style, but as with anything that you use on a daily basis, it should feel beautiful too. We all have different preferences of what type of cutlery we like, not least the weight of it – you may prefer a lighter slimmer handle, whereas some people like a more solid, cast handle, but with our cutlery buying guide we can help you decide which to get.

What to consider?

First of all you need to decide how much money you want to spend. At Habitat we don’t stock any ‘two-part’ cutlery (i.e where the handle has been joined to the head), so our entry price point ranges are of a high quality already. You need to consider which grade of stainless steel you want (that’s probably something you’ve never thought of before!); the best quality is 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel, which is what most of our ranges are made of. This quality of steel won’t rust (unless it has been badly scratched and left in water/ steam for a period of time) and should last you for many years to come.

Different types of cutlery

We have a selection of contemporary shapes in a variety of finishes: from mirror and satin polished stainless steel to a matt gold finish and a sleek black range. We also have galvanised finish cutlery.

Caring for your cutlery

The kindest way to care for your cutlery is to hand wash it in warm soapy water, then dry it by hand with a tea towel – this method will prevent it from scratching and will make the cutlery last longer.

Our cutlery is, however, dishwasher safe, but be careful how much you stack within each compartment (don’t over-fill). Also avoid leaving the cutlery in a closed dishwasher overnight as the steam and heat of the dishwasher can, with time, speed up any potential rust spot.