Cookware and bakeware

Cookware and oven to table ranges can be both functional and decorative. The quality and performance of the pots and pans ranges is very important as these are pieces that you use on a daily bases or weekly bases. Oven to table ware on the other hand can be a bit more fun!

Different types available

Our cookware ranges of pots and pans, griddle pans and woks are a necessity in the kitchen and our ranges combine functionality and style.

We have two key cookware ranges;Black Series which is made from cast aluminium with a high grade non-stick finish and Idea, our stainless steel range (with non-stick finish on the frying pans). Both ranges have been developed by a factory in Spain who specialising in Cookware aimed at professional kitchens and chefs – they are supplying the pans for the Spanish version of Masterchef!

We have a small selection of heavy gage aluminium bakeware pieces which are sturdy and robust and won’t buckle.

Our oven to tableware are a great in offering colour, patterns and interesting shapes to the dinnerware table. Simply cook in the oven and serve straight away to your guest (but make sure you place on a protected surface such as a trivet). All of our oven to tableware are suitable for the oven up to 180 degrees, and comes in a variety of designs and materials to suit different preferences.


How to choose

This is all down to the purpose intended and your personal preference. If you need a variety of cookware to use on the hob, our high quality pots and pans ranges in black aluminium and mirror polish stainless steel are ideal for everyday use.

However, if you need that great dish for your lasagne or apple crumble, then our oven to table ranges are perfect – colourful and decorative.

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Caring for cookware & bakware

Most of our cookware is dishwasher safe, however it is best to soak these to ensure the removal of stubborn stains.

You must take care with the non-stick surface of the pots and pan however and only use non-abrasive cleaning sponges/ brushes and take care to use only silicon or wooden utensils when cooking as you must take care not to scratch the non-stick finish.

With the oven to table ware, some terracotta ranges are not dishwasher safe as they would absorb too much water – but all our ranges as clearly labelled on both the website and in store.

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