Floor lamps are functional, but they also draw the eye, making them an obvious way to create a design statement in your space. Looming over an armchair or sofa, or standing solo in a corner, the best floor lamps are the unsung heroes of lighting and often they are the thing quietly adding warmth and depth to your space. Browse through our floor lamps buying guide to work out which one should come home with you.

Making the right choice

Stately and silent in the corner of a room, floor lamps are quite flexible and can blend in or stand out depending on what’s required, and which style you choose. Offering both widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting, floor lamps are versatile enough to suit any space, design and room and we're here to give you inspiration for the best floor lamp ideas.

Ambient floor lamps will provide general light to your space and are usually topped with a stylish lampshade which diffuses the light's glare. They’re great for placing in a living room corner or next to a sofa to provide enough light for reading or atmospheric mood lighting. Task light's provide more direct focused light to your area and are perfect for placing behind chairs to help you read your favourite book or complete daily tasks. Overreach designs are not only great for making a style statement but they’re also great for creating an evenly dispersed light in your home.

A striking floor lamp can be a living room feature in itself but it’s also great for brightening up the darker corners of your home, creating the illusion of more space. A striking shade matched with your lamp will look just as good in the daytime as it does in the evening illuminating your space. Our wooden and metal floor lamps allow you to spread ambient light across your room or, in many cases, redirect it to a specific position.

And to make things easy, we also sell light bulbs and shades so that you can enjoy your new light from day one.


Choosing a floor lamp

First, decide which materials you’d like your light to be made of. Do you prefer the classic yet clean look of timber, or the industrial sleek profile of metal? Perhaps the way forward is a bright colour to brighten up your room?

Next, figure out if your chosen fixture needs a lampshade – there are so many to choose from at Habitat. Most importantly, however, make sure to order a few light bulbs so you can enjoy your new light as soon as it arrives.

Still not sure which of our Habitat lighting range will tick all of the boxes? Feel free to pop in store and ask our friendly staff or tweet @HabitatHelp and our customer service team will answer your queries.


All our floor lamps can be wiped clean and dusted with a dry cloth, but please refer to product instructions
for specific care requirements.