Outdoor Dining Buying Guide

It’s that time of year again...Get your garden ready for guests, children and all the family as the sun comes out and everyone is keen to get outdoors! Worried your outdoor space isn’t fit for visitors? No problem, we have all you need to get your dinner party started.

Why not have a browse through our buying guide to make sure your furniture is just as fabulous as your food…

Making the right choices: Furniture

Garden sets

We offer a range of innovative designs. Foldaway table and chair sets are perfect for small spaces such as balconies or a corner of the garden that is crying out for some colour. They're usually light so you can move into the shade or the sunshine depending on your mood, and are so practical and stylish you could even use them inside too.

For bigger, more permanent pieces, try a statement metal table. These are great for fitting the whole family around; you can always mix and match chairs or even bring some out from the house to make sure everyone gets a seat for dinner.

If you’re looking for innovative design at a great price, our range of concrete furniture features a table and matching stools which is perfect for impromptu picnics or drinks.

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All our dining tables have matching chairs or stools (or you can mix and match to your hearts’ content). We also have a range of benches that are great for bigger crowds. Planning a picnic? Relax on a throw or a rug and pile on our tactile cushions for a lazy afternoon meal in the sun.

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Making the right choices: Outdoor entertaining

Dining sets

Whether you’re after the natural fibre of our bamboo plates or the bold colours of our melamine range, we have the perfect set for you. All our ranges are designed to fit together so there’s lots of opportunities to mix and match. We also have a selection of food covers to protect your food whilst entertaining outdoors, and we’ve covered all the essentials from salad servers to colourful snack pots.

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Outdoor accessories

No dinner party is complete without some mood lighting. Create subtle style statements with our candle holders and citronella candles. We’ve also got a wide variety of lanterns which work really well as a centre piece on the table. Opt for natural bamboo, bright metal or sophisticated glass.

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Soft furnishings

Add a touch of luxury to your outdoor dining with our chair pads and comfy cushions to get everyone sitting pretty this summer. Add some throws or blankets to the grass for that all important after dinner nap.

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How do I style my outdoor dinning?

Classic look:

Wooden pieces work great with bold accessories such as bright dinnerware. For a touch of fun sure to delight the kids, add our colourful bowls and tumblers. We also have handcrafted woven bowls, platters and picnic baskets to add a striking addition to any tabletop.

Contemporary look:

A large dining set not only fits the whole family but also stands the test of time outdoors. Add some cool neutrals with our planters or add a pop of colour with our vibrant dinnerware. If that doesn’t get the neighbours talking, nothing will.

Small space chic:

Our folding dining ranges are ideal for small spaces. We suggest adding a printed deckchair or lounger (if you have the room). We also have stackable ranges in a bright range of colours and patterns to add some fun to your al fresco dining.

How do I look after my outdoor funriture and accessories?


There are clear care instructions for each of our products on our website but here’s a quick fix guide if you’re short of time. Any queries? Feel free to tweet @HabitatHelp if you have any questions.

Our wooden furniture can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and can be oiled each year to maintain its deep colour.

Our metal and concrete furniture can be dusted with a dry cloth, wiped clean with a damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.

Our natural fibre accessories such as bamboo are hand wash only, they cannot be used in the microwave or dishwasher.

Our melamine dinnerware can be used in the dishwasher but not the microwave.

All tea light holders and other accessories can be wiped clean or dusted with a cloth, refer to each individual product’s care instructions if you are unsure.

What do I need for my dinner party?

It’s a good idea to choose your key furniture pieces first as this will dictate how many accessories you need and the number of guests you would like to invite. Don’t worry if there’s not room for everyone, you can always stock up on stools, cushions and rugs to make sure everyone gets a seat. Our stools and Macadam chairs are great for emergency seating.

Once you’ve got your guest list and your furniture is planned, it’s best to get thinking about the meal. Have a rummage through your cupboards and see if you’re missing any vital cutlery, dinnerware and napkins.

Next we’re on to the final touches; the size of your space will dictate how many candles you need, as well as lanterns and lighting.

Now all that’s left is to cook up a storm in the kitchen (or on the barbeque!) Head over to the Habitat blog for exclusive recipes and dinner party tips.

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