Sophie Robinson Presents Colour Psychology

Ban The Beige

We’ve teamed up with renowned interior designer and colour advocate Sophie Robinson to help interior lovers discover their ‘colour personality’. Sophie uses the concept of colour psychology to help people find their own unique style and colour palette, so they can make bolder interior design choices. Watch the video or read on to discover your colour tribe.

Which Colour Personality Are You?

Based on the work of psychologist, Angela Wright, and brand stylist, Fiona Humberstone, Sophie splits personalities into four groups - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - dependent on their relationship with specific colours. Once you’ve identified which season you fall into, you’ll feel more confident in the choices you make in terms of colour palette, fabrics and furniture in your home.

A light and airy office space


The Spring personality is full of life and youthful energy. In their homes they crave lots of natural light, clean lines, smooth or shiny textures and busy prints with lots of pizazz.

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Summer dining room with oak dining table and rattan lamp shade


A Summer personality is graceful, elegant and more reserved in character. Inspired by classic design and with a love of quality, they are drawn to more muted colours and painterly patterns.

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Warm and cosy living room with orange velvet sofa


Autumn personalities want their spaces to feel welcoming, cosy and relaxed. They are attracted to rich colours, natural materials and sumptuous textures.

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Warm and cosy living room with orange velvet sofa


A Winter personality loves drama and making strong design statements. They prefer sharp, bright colours, striking patterns and a touch of cool with the latest tech or luxury furnishings.

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Colour Me Happy

Handmade tableware


We’re giving away a ticket to attend one of Sophie’s sell-out colour workshops, plus a £500 Habitat gift card, so you can update your home with your new found knowledge.

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Sophie Robinson in home office

Reveal Your True Colours

Calling all colour lovers. Throughout March, Sophie will be running colour psychology workshops at our Tottenham Court Road store to help you discover your interiors colour tribe.

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