Furniture has wised up. Follow our tips for choosing clever pieces that will help you get more from your space.


Of all the pieces of furniture in your home, a table and chairs can work out to be the most adaptable. The Macadam chair comes in an array of colours and has a tiny price point but these are secondary to its comfort and ability to fold neatly away. Hester is a stacking chair with retro good looks that have made it a design classic. Pair either of these with the Heath dining table which seats 4 for dinner but works as a desk or console table when folded.

Multi coloured folding tables and chairs
Macadam and Hester Chairs

The Ladder of Possibility

Ladder shelving is a real space-saver. Lots of factors work to furthering the sense of space they create. Firstly they rest on only two legs; by bracing themselves against a wall they do away with the solid profile of a more traditionally designed bookcase. And by being raised off the floor, the illusion of more floor space is created. We offer two styles in varying sizes to fill a wasted alcove or forgotten corner. Choose from Jessie and Jai.

Desk with office chair next to a black bookcase and grey sofabed
Jessie Bookcase
Breakfast tray with glasses and mugs
Tiffany Breakfast Tray

Bed & Bath

Breakfast in bed is a treat we’d like to see more of. The Tiffany breakfast tray has fold-out legs for comfortable eating as well as flat-pack storing credentials in the kitchen. A room that’s often wanting for more space is the bathroom. The Odin range of bathroom storage works on the principles of height over footprint.

Bathroom furniture with white and blue towels
The Odin Range