Flexible Living

Space savers, adaptable furniture and pieces to make your home go ‘pop’. Look to Habitat to spice up your home with style.

It seems however much space you have, you always need more. That’s why we’ve got loads of inventive and clever ideas to free up that valuable, and ever elusive, square footage. We know how hard your home has to work to keep up with modern life so let Habitat sort out the state of your space.

Maybe one of your rooms leads a double life (home office by day, dining room by night) or the words ‘easy to store’ are music to your ears. Either way, you’ll be surprised at what you can cram into your home with Habitat on your side. We have top tips for making the most of your space, even when you think you’re bursting at the seams! Look to folding furniture that you can stack or lean to free up floor space when not in use and bookcases you can prop against a wall. We have furniture that’s going through an identity crisis but will seriously work to your advantage, and we’re not just talking sofa beds (although there’s plenty of them to tempt you!). Dining tables that become desks and desks that become dressing tables, side tables that are perfect for bedsides and lighting that is as beautiful in the bedroom as it is useful in the home office. But maybe your home just needs a little pick me up; nothing too big, just something little that says ‘hello’ to the new trends and spices up your space in a big way. Give in to temptation.