Cosy bedroom ideas

Create a zzzen bedroom with tempting textures, warming bedding and soothing furnishings.

A green bed with cream and white bedding.

Ready for drift-off

This season, indulge in your own way. Bundle up in blankets while you binge-watch. Hit snooze on a Saturday morning. And shape your bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

A Habitat botanical print multicolor bedding set.

Cosy bedding

Give your bedroom a little boost with cosy quilt covers you'll be desperate to cocoon yourself in.

Image of a thick winter duvet rolled up on a bed.

Snuggly winter duvets

Lie-in luxury. Drift off snuggled up in a plush duvet. It's what dreams are made of.

A Habitat Blackout pencil pleat curtain in oatmeal colour.

Blackout blinds & curtains

Block out disturbing, outside light and nestle down for a peaceful night.

A Habitat jungle print flat rug.

Toe-scrunchingly soft rugs

Super soft underfoot, or on your belly. You'll be tempted to swap your bed for the floor.

A Habitat walsh double bed frame in charcoal colour.

Stylishly snuggly beds

One of the most important investment pieces for your zen den, invest in a fashionable yet functional bed. 

A woman reading a book covered in a Dreamland Scandi style dual control underblanket.

Toasty electric blankets

Prep your bed for colder nights within minutes. Electric blankets are a great way to get your bed toasty-warm right before you call it a day. Simply unplug and slide in for a warm slumber.

A Habitat embroidered velvet bedspread in blue colour.

Oh-so-soft blankets and throws

Add more layers for more cosiness. With bedspreads and throws so comfy, you'll never want to leave your bed again.  

A white table lamp on a wooden finish bedside table.

Glowing bedside lamps

Bring in a mellow ambient glow. A bedside lamp will be just the job to set the mood.

A Habitat 90ml lilac and patchouli scented diffuser.

Warming scents

Make your autumn aromatic. Pick fresh floral scents, mild musky fragrances or dewy delights to keep your space refreshingly cosy.

A Habitat pink orchid.

Fab faux florals

Change the scene. Faux flowers are ideal to break the monotony and liven up your winters with a pop of colour.

Habitat slogan print framed wall art.

Wow-worthy wall arts

Pick a piece of art to suit your style. Make it your own with wall art that calls to you and makes you feel comfy and at home.  

A Habitat 3 drawer chest in birch effect in a bedroom.

Savvy bedroom storage

Put clutter to bed and make space for more cosiness. Keep your winter essentials handy while smartly hiding away the clutter - these bedroom storage solutions are your best friends. 

A multicoloured, floral print bedding in a kid's bedroom.

Cosy kids' room

Create a snuggly space just for them with duvets dotted with colour and cute patterns to bring a playfulness to their room. Psst, they're great for den building too!

Which Habitat creature are you?

Are you a nocturnal dweller or a rise ‘n’ stylist? Why not update your surroundings to help maximise those cosy moments as we move into autumn.

Cosy living room ideas

A Habitat ash boucle chair in cream.

Creating a cosy corner

The house is quiet. You find yourself with nothing you need to do. Go on, sneak off to that secret spot. Grab a brew and lose yourself in a good book.

A multicolored Habitat velvet carved geo cushion.

Lounge in cosiness

Create a cosy spot just for you. Don't forget to grab a blanket and a comfy cushion, as you'll be snoozing in no time.

A candle on the fireplace mantel.

Soothe your senses

Switch off from the day with soothing scents and flickering candles.

A Habitat table lamp in black and brass.

Light up and mellow down

Swap to softer lighting for a relaxing living room that will make you reluctant to move.

A grey right corner fabric sofa.

Family snuggles

It's family time! Pile up the pillows, bring the nibbles, and get comfy for a movie-a-thon on the sofa. Whose turn is it to be piggy in the middle?

A Habitat quilted bean bag in green colour.

Squishy bean bags

Sink into squidgy bean bags for an evening of creature comforts, a spot of ‘me-time’ or if there’s no room on the sofa!

Habitat stoneware nibble bowls and serve board on a table next to a blue sofa.

Snack time!

Nibbles at the ready? Dinky dishes and bowls are the perfect size for social grazing or an evening of 'picky bits' at the coffee table.

Perfect weather to feast together

A person lighting a candle placed on a dining table decorated for Christmas with tableware, glassware and cutlery.

Dinner is styled

Friends coming round? Get into “host with the most” mode with our dinner range. Watch their jaws inch closer and closer to the floor as you whip out stylish serveware and trendy tabletop pieces. And to make their jaws drop all the way to the floor, tell them how little it all cost.

A close-up of Habitat cast iron casserole dish in blue colour.

Stylish serving

Nothing whispers winter like a hearty dish bubbling on the stove. Well, except for roasties in the oven. With our rustic cast iron pots, beautiful casserole dishes and enamel roasters, you can cook up both (and more).

A set of 4 Habitat ripple textured mugs on a dining table.

Cosy drinks

Wrap your hands around a toasty mug and sip on a wintery drink that warms you from the inside out. Marshmallows and squirty cream anyone?

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