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Who are you?

I’m Lotte, a 28-year-old journalist and blogger at I’m half English, half Dutch, but grew up in the Caribbean, Italy and Holland. Although I’m currently living and working in London, I’ve worked as an animal nurse in South Africa, as a scuba diving instructor and co-presenter for a TV show in the Caribbean, as a sailing instructor in Minnesota, and for a luxury hotel in Greece. Since then I’ve worked in London as a wedding planner, at an art auction house and in PR before finally finding my feet in journalism just over a year ago! I now live with my boyfriend, Jonathan, and puppy, Flora, in our house in Richmond Park.

What’s the day job?

My day job is a freelance journalist. I’ve worked at BBC Good Food, Country & Town House and Good Housekeeping magazine, and am currently working as a freelance journalist at HEARST Magazines and a few independent ones.

What does your dream day look like?

My dream day would involve waking up in a beautiful house, somewhere tropical. I’ve always been a little obsessed with Harbour Island in the Bahamas (through following India Hick’s idyllic life through Pinterest and Instagram), and my ultimate dream would be to have a beautifully decorated house on that island. As I’m a terrible driver, I would either cycle to the nearest bar (with my dog in my basket) in my dress and flip-flops for a lazy afternoon of drinking cocktails, sunbathing and meeting new people, or take my (imaginary) wooden Riva boat off the coast for a little champagne picnic surrounded by tropical fish and dolphins, then at the end of the day come home and host a big group of friends for a beautiful al-fresco dinner on my private beach, before slipping into my four poster bed and fall asleep whilst listening to the sound of the ocean and the breeze through the palm trees. If only, haha!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Aside from Harbour Island (where in real life I would probably get bored, lonely and broke quite quickly), I love visiting my mum in central Amsterdam and could definitely see myself living there one day. We’re lucky to have a canal house right in the center, and have a little boat to get around the canals with! I love how social the city is, and accessible – everything is within ten minutes by bicycle, plus the city is architecturally stunning.

What’s the first thing you check out when visiting someone’s home for the first time?

I love snooping around a bit and looking at someone’s things – framed pictures, any art, and little treasures they’ve collected and accumulated over time. I think you can learn a lot about a person through the things that they’ve chosen to collect and display, and I love looking at old photographs.

What’s your interior addiction?

I think I’m genuinely addicted to art! My mum is an artist and both my parents are art collectors, so I’ve very much grown up around it. I’ve managed to pinch a few of their paintings that they no longer wanted, and have since discovered artfinder where I’ve bought a lot of original and inexpensive paintings. The only problem is that I’ve run out of space and now have about nine paintings leaning against the cupboard in the study as there’s no wall space left! Maybe it’s time I moved on to sculptures?

What makes you really angry?

In general I’m a really patient person – except when it comes to technology. I don’t know how it manages to get under my skin so much but if a computer is painfully slow or crashes it makes me unbearably frustrated! The same applies to our ancient vacuum cleaner which is on its last leg (it’s lost its other three wheels); it’s super bulky and impractical and barely has any suction left – and it drives me absolutely bananas.

Pick a favourite film, book and song.

I love Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks – the fact that it’s based on a true story makes it even better! I also loved War Dogs and Wolf of Wall Street – also because they were based on true events.

I really enjoyed reading The Circle recently and can’t wait for the film to come out later in the year.

Hmm favourite song is a tricky one! I’ve gotten really into my 90’s music recently! I’ve been listening a lot to All The Small Things (Blink 182), All Star (Smash Mouth), American Idiot (Green Day), Loser (Beck), What’s My Age Again (Blink 182 again), and so on! Perfect for a running playlist, for spring cleaning, or just general upbeat feel-good music!

Best place you’ve ever been on holiday?

This one’s easy. When I had just met my boyfriend (we met randomly at a pub and just hit it off) he was working for a luxury travel PR company and organised a trip for us to go to the Maldives, together with some other journalists – who all happened to be friends of his, and a really fun bunch of people! We spent the first half of the week alone, and the rest of the group only joined us for the second half. We stayed in our own overwater villa (complete with private pool, hot tub, and private steps directly into the sea) at The Conrad Hotel and Vilu Reef Sun Aqua, and enjoyed delicious fresh cooked fish, long massages and stunning snorkelling trips, and on our last evening we watched the sunset from a sailing boat, surrounded by wild dolphins and nothing else for as far as the eye could see. Absolute heaven.

What’s your favourite smell?

I love the smell of tennis balls, and I love the smell of rain in the countryside.

What single thing would improve your life?

Winning the lottery, haha! Just kidding ;) Our house is for sale at the moment, so I’m hoping it sells quickly so we can find somewhere a little bigger and more central. Plus I would love another project to do up!

What are you bad at that you wish you did well?

Hmm. I wouldn’t say I’m awful but there are a lot of things that I wish I did better and that I’m trying to improve on at the moment. I would like to become a better writer and journalist, a better content manager in terms of SEO and digital know-how, and I would love to learn more about interiors and become better at interior design – that’s where my real passion lies. I think it’s never too late to learn new skills, so I’m always reading articles, doing web seminars and watching YouTube videos to try and improve myself. But I’ve still got a long way to go!

What would be your Death Row meal?

Lychees. I could eat hundreds of them and still want more. Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a whole bag of lychees and tell myself that they’ll last a week, but they barely last ten minutes.

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