Bathroom lights

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Explore our extensive selection of bathroom lights. We have options that cater to various lighting requirements and styles so you can get ready in style, every day.

Our LED light fittings are designed to improve both the look and functionality of your space. We offer a variety of fittings, from ceiling lights that make a statement to understated lamps to liven up any room. Whether you’re looking for subtle lighting for relaxed evenings or brighter options to focus on daily tasks, our selection has options for every need.

Diving into our wall lights, you'll find a selection that blends functionality with style. And for your living room or bedroom, our elegant pendant lights cast a soft, ambient glow, helping you wind down after a long day.

Moving to bathroom accessories, these additions can help you in your daily routine. Our collection includes essentials like toothbrush holders and soap dishes, along with lighting options and towels. And our unique toilet roll holders are a must-have.

Keep your bathroom organised with our range of bathroom storage. Whether you're looking for trendy options like our bamboo units or more traditional storage solutions like freestanding cabinets, we've got you covered.

If you’re looking for a replacement, we offer light bulbs for various moods—from warm and cosy to cool and crisp illuminations. Whether you're decking out a contemporary space or adding charm to a traditional setting, we have options that cater to both modern and classic tastes.

Looking for some inspiration to make your space more brilliant? Our lighting ideas offer practical solutions that can enhance your home. Our range includes both contemporary designs like sleek lighting fixtures and traditional options like rattan.