Light bulbs

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Lighting can bring life to any room – whatever mood you want to achieve. Our range of bulbs offers you the chance to brighten up your home with a warm, gentle glow or a cooler and relaxing look.

Floor lamps are an attention-grabbing lighting idea to elevate your living room. For a warm and cosy look, go for a wooden floor lamp. Or be bold - add energy and a touch of glam with a metallic lamp. Don't be afraid to play around with different lamp shades - they're ideal for creating any atmosphere, like dialling up the drama.

Our impressive collection of lamp shades includes plush velvets, textured silks and playful prints. Then add those finishing touches with a few halogen light bulbs to light up your space. Want to brighten up every corner of your bedroom? Trust wall lights to get the job done. Or select a spotlight to showcase a specific spot.

LED light bulbs are a modern lighting solution, whether you want a cosier look or something bolder and more energetic. They're a trusted and trendy choice to give you bright light for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use them for desk lamps or bathroom lights - they work great around the house. Even better, there are no frequent bulb changes, and LEDs use less energy – that's money saved.