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Who are you?

Hi, I am Lou Archell, I am a mum-of-two boys and I live in the brilliantly independent and vibrant City of Bristol, England.

What’s the day job?

I am a freelance writer, blogger, photographer and social media consultant.  I specialise in simple living, travel, lifestyle, plant life, family and the great outdoors.

What does your dream day look like?

Dream day, would be with my partner Dan. We’d have a leisurely breakfast, then wander the streets of whatever City we are in (presuming we are on a weekend city break), snooping around art galleries or visiting cool cafes.  Then dinner in a beach side restaurant. Perfect.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I love Bristol, and couldn’t think of living anywhere else in the UK other than here. But at a push, it would be France. Please someone push me!

What’s the first thing you check out when visiting someone’s home for the first time?

Oh I love a good snoop. I suppose the kitchen. It says a lot about the person, whether they are foodies or not. I love kitchens where people love to cook, create and experiment. I’m not into shiny appliances, I want to see creativity!

What’s your interior addiction?

Right now I am loving Indigo, and shibori dyed fabric. I’m looking for a piece to use as a wall hanging or to make into cushion covers.  Oh and Moroccan floor tiles – I want these in my next home renovation project.

What makes you really angry?

Sexism. It really enrages me.

Pick a favourite film, book and song.

Favourite film, is Amelie. The colours, Paris!

Favourite book, Time Travellers Wife.

Favourite song, Moonage Daydream by David Bowie

Best place you’ve ever been on holiday?

Backpacking, I would say Fiji. So remote and exotic, unlike anywhere I had ever been.  As a couple. then Barcelona – that City, I adore it.  Family, then Wales – always.

What’s your favourite smell?


What single thing would improve your life?

A larger home. Our house is tiny, but it is ours at least.  I would love it to be a little bigger, with a lounge big enough for us all to sit in at one time!

What are you bad at that you wish you did well?

Play a musical instrument. I would love to be one of those people who can sit at a piano and play a beautiful melody.

What would be your Death Row meal?

Moules Frites with a large Gin & Tonic. To remind me of all those wonderful holiday moments where I have sat and enjoyed this dish.

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