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Who are you?

My name is Lucy and I am the food obsessed blogger behind Supergolden Bakes.

What’s the day job?

Food blogging, recipe development and food photography are my ‘day’ (and night and most weekends) job. But I am also a book and magazine designer, art director and prop stylist.

What does your dream day look like?

Waking up late (any time after 8am is late) having some coffee and a leisurely breakfast followed by a long walk with the dog. Rummaging in vintage shops and having lunch at some new happening place. Working on a new blog or food photography project.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I love living in London. It is my favourite place to be. I would love to revisit New York and spend some time in Vancouver if the opportunity arises.

What’s the first thing you check out when visiting someone’s home for the first time?
Definitely their kitchen! It is where I spend most of my time and I always naturally gravitate towards there.

What’s your interior addiction?
I love anything with lots of little drawers. Possibly because I have so many props and little mementoes that need a place to live! I collect vintage tableware, ceramics and linen and have more cake stands than anyone could ever need.

What makes you really angry?

Cruelty and discrimination. People being unkind, unthinking or mean-spirited. Oh and clothes moths. They make white with rage.

Pick a favourite film, book and song.
The Before Sunrise/Sunset trilogy – the second film if I had to pick just the one.
I loved Nina Stibber’s ‘Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life’  book and I reread it often.

My favourite song is ‘No one’s gonna love you’ by the Band of Horses.

Best place you’ve ever been on holiday?

Greece is my favourite destination but the best holiday I have had was in Antigua.

What’s your favourite smell?

Freshly baked bread – can’t beat it. But freshly brewed coffee would be a close second. And vanilla cake.

What single thing would improve your life?
An obedient and fully trained dog. My dog is only 9 months old but a real handful at the moment. Can’t wait until he calms down!

What are you bad at that you wish you did well?
Crafts! I am the least crafty person I know. I can’t knit or crochet and am pretty terrible at DIY projects.

What would be your Death Row meal?

That is so tough! I would have to go with a lobster club sandwich followed by steak and sweet potato tempura chips with wasabi mayo. Maybe a chocolate eclair and coffee for dessert. Can I also have unlimited cocktails please?

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