Pheobe Oldrey Interior Designer

Phoebe Oldrey

Interior Designer

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Who are you?

Phoebe Oldrey


What’s the day job?

I’m an Interior Designer who runs their own business.


What does your dream day look like?

An adventure with my family.


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I would love to be someone who had a collection of houses, scattered in various parts of the globe, so I could experience different cultures and experiences as the wind blew me.


What’s the first thing you check out when visiting someone’s home for the first time?

If they’re in!


What’s your interior addiction?

In my head I’m always designing and changing space. Thank goodness this is my job!


What makes you really angry?

Bullies! Can’t stand people who need to bully, from the playground to the workplace there’s no need and it shouldn’t be tolerated.


Pick a favourite film, book and song.

Star Wars or Romeo and Juliet both for different reasons. Anne of Green Gables – who doesn’t like a feisty red headed girl!! Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.


Best place you’ve ever been on holiday?

South Africa, standing on a beach, hanging out with penguins is something you never forget!


What’s your favourite smell?



What single thing would improve your life?

More time so life doesn’t pass me by whilst I’m busy!


What are you bad at that you wish you did well?

I am really bad with food, just can’t get my head round it all. It would truly change mine and my family’s life if I could get that in order.


What would be your Death Row meal?

Medium rare steak with fries – no salad! – I understand that’s a classic Death Row choice!

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