Pages from history – 1992

Welcome to the 1992 Habitat catalogue!

First, some scene-setting, because life isn’t just about design (although it’s a very big part of it!). What else was happening in 1992? The new smaller 10p went into circulation, Young British Artist Damien Hirst shows his iconic shark – The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living – at The Saatchi in London, cookery icon Elizabeth David dies, David Bowie marries Iman and the average house in the UK was £68,634.

The 1992 Habitat catalogue feels calmer, more pared-back than the 1985 catalogue, with its brilliant graffiti-it-yourself sofa. In his welcome letter, managing director, Vittorio Radice says…

‘I am delighted to introduce you to a new-style Habitat catalogue. We feel it’s very much a reflection of how people wish to live. There are no rigid rules, no attempt to dictate a prevailing taste, we’re simply emphasising freedom. Your freedom to innovate, freedom to take risks and, above all, freedom to be yourself. With this catalogue, we’re offering you ideas – designs for living – to help you create your own lifestyle and home environment.’

We’ve had a big focus on rattan in the 2012 and 2013 Habitat collections with the Sura chair and Elico bench, and it was all over the 1992 catalogue. As they are now, the pieces were designed in-house.

‘All designs originate in our own studios to meet a brief that encompasses design, comfort and value. A traditional craft, the art of making rattan furniture has changed little over the generations. The rattan is a farmed crop, managed and replenished from sustainable sources. Being a natural material, rattan lends itself to soft shapes, warm colours and attractive finishes.’

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