50 designs for 50 years

This year Habitat is celebrating it’s big five-zero! I know, we can’t believe it either. 50 years! What we have done in-store is put up quotes from various employees about which are their favourite products and why. Of course, we have 50 quotes, but we won’t put all 50 here on the blog, but here are six that we thought you might like to read.

The Nic trestle desk [Adam Crudgington, PR Manager]

“This was the first piece of furniture my partner and I bought together – for our first flat, to celebrate our first anniversary. We nicknamed it ‘sexy legs’ because of the don’t-you-dare-ignore-me electric yellow supports visible through its glass top.” 

Medium glass and black metal trestle desk

Tam Tam stool [Grace Haughton, Digital Marketing Executive]

This groovy little stool is one of my favourites. It’s brilliant for garden suppers, and is always there for me when unexpected guests turn up. 

White plastic stool with storage

Tommy twin-head desk lamp [Jocelyn Dowden, Head of Marketing] 

This lamp always makes me laugh. The way its two heads face away from one another reminds me of a bickering couple, yet they make a great team, working harmoniously as they do to illuminate desks and side tables. 

Yellow metal twin head desk lamp

Chicken Brick [Klara Merczel, Assistant Store Manager Designate, Tottenham Court Road store]

Many people spotting this in store say: ‘Oh they still do it!’ I’m not a cook, but my flatmate uses it constantly and even a concoction of odds and ends from the fridge will taste amazing. A classic for a reason. 

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