Abigail Ahern Styles The Shadow Light 3 Ways

Not only providing a much-needed function, lighting is also a key architectural and design element in a home. And this season, Habitat’s lighting collection does not disappoint. For starters, say hello to the Shadow light – a dramatic conceptual piece which casts vivid slices of light against the wall and floor via it’s thin strips of LED. To showcase its serious style credentials and limitless versatility, we asked nonchalantly cool interior designer, Abigail Ahern, to style the Shadow light three ways in her own home.

Take it away Abigail…

I am obsessed with lighting. For me, it can transform a room from feeling unfriendly and sterile to cosy and easeful. Your home should be a place you want to relax and rejuvenate; this is why lighting is so important.

I didn’t realise the importance of lighting until I converted to the dark side but now, I’m fanatical about it! It has magical powers, highlighting, adding depth and intrigue, drawing the eye, making a space look bigger, cosier you name it. If you’re wondering why your room doesn’t feel right, I would say the number one all time mistake, which I see all the time, is recessed down lights. Too harsh and soulless by far, which is why they rank a big fat zero on the design-ometer. I have them in my place so the issue isn’t with recessed per se, just that you can’t have them as the only light source.

With a few clever lighting choices, you can get a year-round feel good factor in your home for every season. I have partnered up with the fabulous Habitat team to talk through 3 ways to style their new Shadow Light for the cooler seasons.

The Bedroom

In my bedroom, I have played around with scale and have one of my oversized, Mud-Beaded Chandeliers hanging in the centre of the room. This makes my room feel larger and creates oodles of intrigue. However, in a bedroom, I think you need to ramp up the cosiness factor. Don’t be afraid to move things around and play around with different furniture – floor lamps don’t necessarily have to sit on the floor!


I really wanted to ramp up the cosy stakes in my pad, so I have placed the Shadow Light in a cosy spot, which effortlessly complements the rich tones of my Crosby paint colour. The structured lights bounce off the walls and floor creating instant drama and oodles of cosiness – delicious!

The Bathroom

When I light spaces I never want to over light them, as shadows create mystery and drama. In order to achieve this effect, you need to create lots of layers – who doesn’t love layers? This in turn will create texture and contrast.

abigail ahern bathroom

In my bathroom, I have lots of natural light, so I didn’t go too over board with the lighting. I have played around with scale in a big way and have one of my white, Neo-Baroque Chandeliers, hanging over the bathtub. However, I still needed that cosy factor and that’s why I have styled the Shadow Light into my bathroom. I have used the contrast between the light and shadow to create layers and intrigue against the texture of the stone flooring. I also wanted to highlight the tones of the calm and elegant, Wooster Olive paint to create a calming sanctuary for long leisurely soaks.

The Living Room

Now to the living area. For me, the living area has to be a cosy place to snuggle with my dogs, Mungo and Maude. Here, I wanted to make the Shadow Light a focal point, to draw attention to the unique shape and natural shadows against the backdrop of the fireplace.

abigail ahern living room

This floor lamp is the perfect addition to a living space offering an intimate glow that promotes a relaxing atmosphere you can unwind to each night.

Right, I’m off to have a long, cosy soak in the bath, happy shopping guys!


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