Original Habitat: Alexis Foreman

Based just down the road from our new Brighton flagship store, we were more than excited when style and lifestyle influencer, Alexis Foreman of Style Memos, invited us over for a cuppa and nosy around her Brighton abode. Why not have a peek for yourself…


Where do you live and who do you live with?

I live in Brighton in the North Laine with my husband and our three sons.

Why did you choose this particular location and home?

My husband, James, and I bought our first home in the North Laine just a few roads away from this one. It felt so cool to live really central — right in the thick of it with all the great independent shops and cafés. Having kids here has been brilliant as there’s such a lovely community and with everything so close by we don’t need a car, plus the boys are really independent which we love.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Can you summarise what you do for a living?

I worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 15 years. Around two years ago I left my job to focus on producing content for Style Memos which I started around nine years ago. It’s the home of content ranging from fashion and beauty, to travel and lifestyle.

Is this your dream job and why? What do you enjoy most about your job?

I think it actually is my dream job! Having worked so many years as a designer has equipped me with experiences that are so valuable and inform the way I work. I love the fun opportunities that come along in this industry and don’t ever want to take them for granted.

What inspires you to do what you do?

I have always been captivated by beautiful things. Whether it be art, design, fashion, beauty, interiors, architecture— I just love and appreciate excellence in it’s various forms and am inspired by it. I hope that my output reflects that. I always say inflow is outflow so I try and be careful about what I take in visually so that I produce original, authentic content that inspires others.

How would you describe your interior style?

I’m not sure as I feel like it’s a bit of a mix. The upstairs feels quite Scandi with white walls and floorboards, downstairs is more industrial, and our living room is dark and moody! However, throughout the house it is certainly contemporary in style.


Does your work in fashion influence your interiors in any way?

I think perhaps my own style informs how I dress my home. For instance, I go for fairly simply pieces in muted tones, with occasional pops of colour.

Where do you find interior inspiration?

With work I’m often treated to lovely experiences in nice restaurants and hotels so I get ideas from physical locations, as well as on social media where I obviously spend a lot of time! I also am inspired by art which I love to have on the walls. I change it up quite often.

Are there any Instagram accounts you would recommend for interior inspiration?

A few accounts I’ve followed for a while are @apieceofcake82, @bodieandfou, @thelinenyc, @cerealmag, @framacph, @layered_official.

What’s your favourite interiors trend at the moment?

Well I really love dark, moody interiors and brass touches which inspired the living room decor. I also love Crittall style windows and doors and if I had a bigger home would love to partition a room with some.


Are you a Habitat Voyeur?

Yes. Who isn’t?! It’s always great seeing how people style their homes and how different everyone is.

Whose home do you most admire?

I loved Karine Kong’s London home (@bodieandfou). I enjoyed seeing the renovation progress on her instagram feed. Her and her husband have since sold that house and now working on their home in France which is equally beautiful. She has great interior style. I also loved Jenna Lyons’ Brooklyn home and her new Soho loft is equally amazing…

What does Habitat mean to you?

I have such fond memories of Habitat when I was growing up. When I was little my parents would take me and my brother to the Bristol store on a Saturday and I was always so in awe of the modern furniture and lighting. And best of all the cafe where you would sit on Habitat furniture and eat off their crockery. I’d always order the homemade soup and a Millionaires shortbread.

Which Habitat products do you love and why?

I love the Olmo dinnerware and how handmade it looks. And I love our big Townsend sofa because finally all five of us can sit in our living room comfortably. The Patsy mirrors are fantastic and the ones in the hallway really open up the space. They get so many compliments. Even the postman was asking where they’re from the other day!

What’s your favourite thing about your home?

At the moment my living room because we just finished decorating it and I can’t wait to enjoy it through the winter because it’s dark and cosy. I also love our downstairs area as we do lots of hosting down there, especially through the summer. I love having the doors open to the garden— it really opens up the space and when the Wisteria is in full bloom you can smell it though the house.


What do you enjoy doing at home to relax?

Sitting watching TV with James on the sofa…

Tell us about your most treasured possessions?

Myself and James aren’t very sentimental so we don’t hold onto things really. Also with five of us living in a fairly small home with very little storage we’ve learned to clear out quite often! It’s the best way to keep the home feeling uncluttered. Having said that our green Le Cruset was a wedding present and we still have it after 15 years and use it regularly.

Where is the heart of your home?

Around the dinner table. We try to eat as a family as much as possible and share such special times talking about all sorts of stuff with each other. I can’t wait to one day share those moments with my sons’ families around the table too…


If you could re-live one moment in this house what would it be?

There have been so many amazing memories in this home it’s hard to choose! But probably when we arrived home from the hospital with the twins a few days after they were born. It was such a special moment finally being home and for Frank to cuddle his baby brothers.

Is this your perfect habitat?

If I’m honest we feel like we’re outgrowing this house sadly. We’re reluctant to move so I think another bathroom and a loft conversion would help.

Tell us something interesting about your home that not many people know.

Through some census information we found out that once there were 16 people living in our home at one time including a family of circus performers. I try and remember that when I complain that our house is too small for our family!

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